Rush Orders

Rush Orders
Discount Hair Products

Rush Orders

Rush Orders

 Sorry folks we ship
 FedEx ground or United States Postal Service (USPS) or Fed x Smart Post only.
With FedEx Smart Post the FedEx company picks up the package takes it to your post office in your town then your letter carrier brings it to your house with the rest of your mail.
 Fed Ex says 5 business days
 USPS says priority mail comes in 3 days but we find with the Post Office it depends on the area.
 FedEx Smart post can take 8 to 10 days

If you need faster shipping - please Email us at Rush Orders and we will expedite you package as:

  1. Rush orders imply a fast trip that requires and Airplane - so no ORMD  products. With respect to  hair goods ORMD generally refers to products containing alcohol or under pressure like hair spray or mousse.
  2. Fed Ex offers various air shipment rates 
  3. USPS offers Express Mail (which means 1 to 2 days - if it is at our post office by noon Arizona time)
  4. If you are traveling we may be able to send your package to your travel destination for you -
    • First time orders of $200.00 and up will only be shipped to the billing address as approved by your credit card company computers Address Verification System (AVS).  An adult signature will be required.

      • Note: Many credit card companies will allow you to have more than one approved AVS  (Billing address) within their Computers.

      • For example: If your statement is sent to your PO Box and you want to save money by shipping FedEx ground to your home, or to a travel destination ,or to a second or third address, you will need to call the customer service number on the back of your card and add your "shipped to address or your travel destination address" so it becomes an additional approved address, within the credit card Computers AVS system.

      • Not to worry - you can have the travel destination address, AVS address removed with another phone call to your credit card company, when your trip is over.

      • the Address Verification System (AVS) system is designed to protect you against credit card fraud and identity theft.

  5. The extra transportation charges will be added to your invoice and charged to your credit card.

  6. We will apply to the carrier, on your behalf  - for a refunds should your shipment arrives arrival late. We only return refunds we collect on your behalf, from the carrier, to the credit card originally charged.

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