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How to Order

How to Order
Discount Hair Products

How to Order

How to Order

How To Order:

  1. Click on a link  to choose a product line.

  2. Change the number in the quantity box form "0" to the number of the item(s) you want to order.

  3. Click on "Buy Now",
    a.  If you did not change the number form "0" your  item will not be added to the shopping cart. Shopping cart will say "EMPTY" if it's your first item.
    b.  If there is no quantity box, just  click on the "Buy Now" button

  4. To adjust the Number you want to order in the shopping cart, Change the Number in the quantity box to the desired number and click "RECALCULATE" 

  5. The "CONTINUE SHOPPING" button will reload your order page where you left it.

  6. Click on a different product line at top of the page to order from additional product line(s).

  7. When you have finished shopping, choose "GO TO PAYMENTS".

  8. Fill out your billing address and shipping information then click the "CONTINUE" button.

  9. Verify that your information is correct.  Use the "BACK" button on your browser to edit information if necessary.

  10. Click "CONTINUE," complete your credit card information (the Credit Card link is secure).

  11. Click on "CONTINUE" to submit your order.

  12. Thank you for shopping with us. We appreciate your business.

Note: The computer system automatically sends you an Email order confirmation! You should look for this confirmation and check it! If for no other reason than to confirm we got the same order your thought you made. ( For example - one person changed the number of items in the shopping cart and forgot to click on the recalculate button - we shipped them one item and they wanted 3. )

 If you do not receive an automated reply it may be because:

  1. your email address was entered incorrectly

  2. your mail box is full

  3. you have a spam blocker installed

You should check the order confirmation form, most of the time you can catch a mistake before we ship you too few or some thing you do not want. If you find a problem E-Mail us right away…..put “order problem” in the subject line if it is not already there, and give us your name… is easier to find you by  name than by your order #.

We only use your Email address to notify you of problems and send order shipped information to you.

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How to Order
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