Discount Hair Care Products

Discount Hair Care Products
Discount Hair Products

Discount Hair Care Products

Discount Hair Care Products
  With hair care products getting the best discount is more than just searching for the best price. If you want the best discount you need to learn buy

  • the right product
  • at the right price,
  • at the right time (when they on sale),
  •  in the right size,  and
  • in the right ratio (example 2 bottles of shampoo for every 1 bottle of conditioner)
  • to meet you needs, the needs of your hair, and the needs of your family. 

Everyone has their favorite hair care products and you have just discovered the best place to help you maximize your hair care product savings. Discount hair care products offers you best buy alternatives, through the large volume savings, as well as, the larger-quantity savings discounts

Manufacturers offer discounts that you may have missed and your stylist may not even know are available. Here are a few best buy options you may not have considered. All you need is a little extra storage space.

  • 128oz gallons are always the best buy. In the case of shampoo gallons can save you a small fortune
    •  folks use more shampoo than anything else
    • gallons of shampoo are the best place to save on the one-thing ... you use the most.
    • all you need is a little extra storage space.
  • Conditioner is the 2nd biggest consumer item. Normally folks use 1 conditioner for every 2 shampoos they buy.
    • how to save TIP  plan you purchases and buy 2- units of shampoos and 1- unit of conditioner 
    • (example 2- units of shampoos and 1- unit of conditioner  = two gallon of shampoo & 1 gallon of conditioner)
    • (example 2- units of shampoos and 1- unit of conditioner  = one gallon of shampoo & 2 liters of conditioner)
    • again all you need is a little extra storage space - so get the 3 gallon deal to maximize you savings - but only if you have the storage, or the room to put 2 gallons on the floor of the shower and one gallon  in storage. Match you planning with your discount - to get the best deal for your own situattion.
  • 64oz half-gallons come in as a close second -
  • to the savings you have hen you buy a full-gallons
    • they also self-store on the edge of the tub or right on the shower floor
    • (example 2- units of shampoos and 1- unit of conditioner  = 2-64oz shampoos & 1- 64oz  conditioner)
  • 33.8oz liter DUO deals (one liter of shampoo & one liter of conditioner) are popular with several companies
    • with liter DUO sales the shampoo and conditioner are sold as a  matched pair
    • DUO TIP to save on shipping order an extra liter of shampoo making the duo into a trio and getting you back to the ration of 2 units of shampoos and 1 unit of conditioner
  • 33.8oz liter SALES are offered by some companies on a regular basis (for example in January & July)
    • with liter sales you get to choose the shampoo and conditioner separately
    • if your company brand offer liter SALES the sale time is the best time to buy 6 months of stock
    • again all you need is a little extra storage space
  • two-bottle-deals --- with 2-bottle deals you get a  BIG BOTTLE - small bottle combination
    • -- one smaller dispenser bottle and
    • -- one refill bottle, usually a liter
    • Some folks order a pump and put the BIG BOTTLE on the side of the tub, storing the small bottle
    • When the BIG BOTTLE runs out they have the small bottle to "hold them over" until their order arrives.
    • Others prefer the small bottle in the shower. They use the BIG BOTTLE to refill their shower bottle. When the BIG BOTTLE "feels low," after filling the shower bottle, they still have enough to get buy until their next order arrives
    • The 2-bottle system also works well for products, like hair spray, which require a spray top. Every order comes with a new spray dispensing bottle so if your sprayer quits - you  have a spare ready & waiting.

Click here to see the 7 rules for getting the best Discounted Salon Hair Products pricing.

Every manufacturer is a little different. You can find out what the best deals are, for your personal brand of discounted hair salon products, on the  about the Discount Hair Products Brand we offer page.

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