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Discount Hair Products   If you want a quick discount - click on your highlighted  brand name.  If you are really wanting to get  the most for you money - see the 7 rules for getting the BIGGEST Discount Hair Products pricing ,on the page below.

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Here at Discount Hair Products we try to give you savings on your hair products with every choice, size and combination we offer. We try to help you save by :

  1. getting you bigger discounts with bigger bottles
  2. offering two-bottle-deals (one smaller dispenser bottle with one refill bottle) refilling saves you money
  3. capturing liter-on-sale deals (individual liters on sale) so you save more on liters
  4. finding giving liter DUO deals (a matched set :  1-liter of shampoo and 1-liter of conditioner)
  5. giving liter TRIO deals (one matched set-  2-liter of shampoo and 1-liter of conditioner)
  6. providing  64oz half-gallons salon-size back-bar units for you to bring home
  7. providing access to  128oz gallon salon-size back-bar units for you to bring home
  8. providing re-order reminders to reduce re-order time pressure, & the added fast-delivery charges.
  9. we will probably be share you more than you will ever want to know about saving money on you salon hair product purchases.

Rule #1 --- Buy Big save Big -

  • the "smaller sizes," "try-me sizes," and the "travel sizes" usually comes with the highest cost per ounce
  • the "personal sizes" (dispenser bottle size) comes next - they are designed to last for the length of  1 or 3 haircuts (1 to 3 months) then be re-purchased. They fit in the tub or shower perfectly so their design offers the most convenient size for daily use.

Rule #2 --- Buy Bigger save Bigger -

  • Some manufacturers offer liter size deals. Consequently many folks look for & stock-up only when the "liter sales" are offered.
  • Sometimes, liter sizes, are offered as a 2 bottle, combination - (one liter bottle one smaller bottle). One of the bottles goes in the bath. When it is empty you refill it from the spare bottle. This 2-bottle system  also acts as your early-warning device. It is your built-in ---  re-order reminder --- system. When you empty one bottle the other bottle will "hold you over" until your new order arrives.
  • Yet other manufacturers offer 2-liter combination-DUO-deals (one liter of shampoo + 1 liter of conditioner)
  • Finally #3 & #4

Rule #3 --- Buy even Bigger to save even Bigger

  • 64oz is a convenient size, as it fits well o the the corner of the bath tub or the floor of the shower and the bigger size comes with bigger savings

Rule #4 --- Buy the Biggest size available to save The BIGGEST discounts

  • when offered by product manufacturers, the 128oz, family size gallon, is always the most economical way to buy your discount salon hair products.

Rule #5 --- When your hair products are not offered in biggest sizes, buy in bigger Quantity, becomes the best way to save the MOST money. | by 3 get #4  at 20% off  | buy 6 get # 7 at  50% off | buy 11 get #12 free |

  • buying quantities of 4 ,7 or 12 often offer you added savings when "larger sizes" are not made.
  • BUT - only buy larger quantities when you are going to use them or split you order with a friend or family member

Rule #6 --- When you are traveling with a public Air Line
                 - buy the right travel size or ---  have the wrong size thrown out!

  • When traveling the right travel sizes are always your best buy.
  • Foil packets of shampoo & conditioner are a great use once and throw away travel option and a lot cheaper than leaving you expensive shampoo behind in the shower!
  • You second best choice is to mail you hair care products to you destination so they are there when you arrive. Of course this means you will have to mail them home when you return.
  • The TSA Gate Keepers at the airline terminals are "Sticklers" for the rules.  If you take a tube of toothpaste that is down to the last 6 brushings so you know that there is less than 1 ounce left. The folks inspecting your luggage will look at the tube - look at the label and if it says 6.1oz. Even if it has less than 1oz left in the tube --- yes, you got it -- they will throw it away! No kidding!- No thinking!  No judgment -- on their part -- at all -- they just following the rules. Those rules say if the container says XYZ ounces it can only go in the trash (or you get to pay for an extra bag too "put it - the wrong size label on the bottle- underneath the plane in the luggage compartment."). So bringing almost empty containers of hair products just gets them trashed.  I know the just trashed my nearly empty (= less the 1oz left) tooth paste tube.

Rule #7 --- "Buy your umbrella" when it is not raining." Whoa Nelly - where did that one come from?  Let us Illustrate with examples. If you forgot an important day (birthday anniversary etc) it is "Raining" in your world because you want and need the products right now. Just like when it is really wet and raining outside   ... you are willing to pay more for an umbrella. When you run up against a short-time deadline you have 2 choices choice A)- pay more for both your products and your shipping or choice B) - get wet in the rain.

  • This is also seen in the real-estate business. If you own a house and you need the cash right now  - you will probably lower the price (take less money)  to sell the house sooner! Yet you could have gotten more for the house, if you were willing, and had the time to wait longer, for the right buyer to come along, who was willing to pay a higher price because they "saw, needed, & wanted" the added value features your house offers. 
  • If you buy a early (before you "absolutely-positively" need the FedEx tracking and delivery guarantee) and have a place to put the extra bottles under the vanity or in the closet, you can lock-in a bigger savings discount for your personal brand of salon hair products.
  • Our 2-bottle deal acts as an early warning system giving you a reasonable window of time to re-order. This way you can avoid last minute rush charges and pricing. The 2-bottle system also save you frustration. When a dispenser pump on your hair spray clogs... Yes! - you have another pump bottle ready & waiting under the counter all as part of the 2-bottle (refill bottle + dispensing pump-bottle) deals we offer. Simple we help you plan a little so when you "absolutely-positively" need it it is already right there -- ready & waiting --- for you.

Here at Discount Hair Products we try to give you savings on your hair products with every choice, size and combination we offer. We try to help you save : 1)- by maximizing your savings by offering you the largest  size bottles packaged by the manufacturers (lowest cost per ounce for you product), 2)- by offering two bottle deals, liter deal sales, liter DUO sales, 64oz half gallon sizes, and 128oz gallons for maximum savings.  3)- by providing you with a system that gives you plenty of time to re-order. This timing system also gives you the extra time you need to avoid last minute, rush-order delivery charges.

Every manufacturer is a little different. You can however, find out what the best deals are, for your personal brand of discounted hair salon products, on the  about the Discount Hair Products Brand we offer page. Go to this page to find out how to "fine tune" your ordering to save even more money.

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